Type 4 hair

Because tightly coiled, kinky texture is dry by nature, and therefore breaks easily, it desperately needs products that provide moisture retention. Dry hair breaks…well moisturized hair is supple and has elasticity. The key to keeping these natural strands healthy, manageable, and beautiful is to moisturize every step of the way. Start with a creamy, sulfate free, moisturizing cleanser, follow suit with a super hydrating conditioner, prep with a rich detangling moisturizer and style with a rich hydrating cream full of natural oils and rich butters.. Avoid mineral oil, petrolatum and heavy waxes.

What’s your hair type?

yOU’RE 4a

Your dense, springy coils are either frizzy, bushy and a bit wiry. They are tightly coiled with a visible corkscrew or “S”-shaped pattern. You might also have a combination of textures, where in some places your texture is either tighter or less defined.

you’re 4b

Your hair bends in sharp angles like the letter Z. The curl is tighter and less defined with strands that range from fine and thin to wiry and coarse. Quite often 4b’s also have tighter 4c texture at the crown of their hair.

You’re 4c

Your densely packed hair is similar to 4b but has considerably less definition and more shrinkage. The tightly coiled strand texture is usually very dense, wiry and coarse and breaks easily when combed. We offer a number of 4c hair products including daily moisturizer for 4c hair, detangling 4c hair products.

Learn more about what you can do about Type 4 Texture:

4a’s can rock a wash-n-go style without too much manipulation.When wet, you can see some definition, so applying a good humectant when it’s wet will help with manageability and reducefrizz. Make Keep It Curly Styling Foam your leave-in humectant for long-lasting moisture.

4b hair more easily knots and tangles, and while there is little definition when wet, it experiences considerable shrinkage when compared to 4a. Therefore, products for 4b hair should have intensive moisture and lots of slip for detangling.Additionally, 4b hair more easily retains style and shape after its prepped by twisting, coiling, braiding or Bantu knots.Detangling with Easy Comb and prep with Keep It Curly Curl Pudding helps retain moisture and shape.

Because 4c texture experiences chronic dryness, it knots and tangles, is more prone to breakage or shedding when combed and experiences extreme shrinkage. But Texture My Way has the just the right combination of 4c hair products. Easy Comb is the perfect remedy for detangling 4c hair, Keep It Curly Stretch & Set Styling Foam is the ideal style prep and leave-in moisturizer for 4c hair and Keep It Curly Curl Pudding can be used as a twist, curl and coil setting cream, or as a a daily moisturizer for 4c hair on protective styles, updos, or carefully shingled wash-n-go’s.