Type 3 hair PRODUCTS

Curly hair is the most temperamental hair type If you apply too much styling product, you get weighed down/greasy looking curls. Apply too little, hair becomes bushy and flyaway. The key to guaranteeing effortless, frizz free curls is proper styling product application. A good regimen of cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing sets the tone for an incredible style. Choose hair products made with natural ingredients as they are most effective to achieve manageable and beautiful-looking hair. Texture My Way has amazing Type 3 hair products that deliver moisture, shine and softness.

What’s your hair type?

You’re A 3a

You have big, loose “S”-shaped curls. Your hair tends to be bushy and frizzy and flyaway and although it tangles, you can usually detangle without too much trouble.

You’rea 3b

Your springy curls can vary from ringlets to corkscrews. They can range from fine and thin to voluminous and dense. Tangling and knotting can be problematic on thicker textures, but generally detangle more easily when using products with the right about of slip.

You’re A 3c

You’ve got more, tightly packed clearly defined corkscrew curls. Type 3c hair tends to have a lot of volume, but also experiences shrinkage. We have specific 3c hair products that are perfect to help your Type 3 hair flourish.

Learn more about 3C Texture

Type 3a’s loose and big “C” or “S”-shaped curls look longer because it doesn’t experience shrinkage. To prevent flyaways and bushiness and achieve smooth, curly definition, use Texture My Way Easy Comb Detangler or Keep It Curly Stretch & Set Styling Foam as a hydrating, defining leave-in conditioner.

Because Type 3b texture ranges from thin to dense, detangling may or may not be an issue. For thinner Type 3 texture, shampoo often and use our Keep It Curly Stretch & Set Styling Foam and just a little Keep It Curly Curl Pudding for great hydration and smooth definition.

Type 3c hair products must have intensive moisture retentive ingredients like olive oil and shea butter in order to keep these tight, corkscrew curls hydrated, soft and easier to manage. Intensive moisturizing products like each of the Texture My Way maintenance and styling products will allow Type 3’s to keep curls looking distinctive and gives them the ability to explore a variety of hairstyles.

Because type 3C is more prone to shrinkage than the two hair types, a good softening shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner are best. Make it a habit to use Type 3 hair products to deep condition your hair either once a week or bi-weekly. Deep conditioning will help alleviate chronic dryness.